20 Steps guide to eco-friendly living

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Everyone is aware of the issues that our ecosystem is facing, but we do nothing or very little for our motherland. There are so many habits that one should adopt in their daily life schedule that are eco-friendly.

We do not need to go somewhere as they can be initialized from our bedroom to the kitchen to the workplace to a shopping mall. Leading an eco-friendly living might create some difficulties initially, but it becomes a necessity after some time in your life. It will not only improve our planet but also inspire other people living around us.

If you have decided to go for eco-friendly living, then you can save the motherland and save money too. Every step that you are taking is useful and helps you a lot.

There are some simple, sustainable ideas given below that can help you to get started.

Reduce the amount of energy usage

The foremost step in the path of eco-friendly living is to minimize the use of electric appliances in our home. Use techniques that save energy. It may require some initial investment, but in the long term, your savings will add in your wallet.  

  • Use energy-saving bulbs
  • Switch off the unused appliances
  • Cover pans while cooking
  • Ensure that the charger is unplugged after charging

Save life-giving water

Another way to help the environment is to conserve water around the home. You can try the below methods to save water.

  • Wash clothes in eco-friendly washing machines
  • While brushing your teeth, turn off the tap
  • Boil only the required amount of water
  • Ensure no leakage in the plumping system

Switch to organic foods

20 Steps guide to eco-friendly living
- Choose organic food

The food that we consume hurts our ecosystem as they are grown by using harmful fertilizers and pesticides. As our population grows, the demand for food to feed a large number of people also grows that increases the risk of using unethical methods in production.

  • Promote to consume local and seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • If possible, grow your foods organically
  • Switch your purchasing to organic stores

Try to cut down consumption of fuel

Whenever possible, a small distance journey should be completed by cycling or walking. You can also promote the use of public transport for travelling. Share your rides if you are travelling alone, which reduces the traffic on roads.

Ditch the use of plastic

If you want to lead a sustainable life, reduce the use of plastic. Our breathing environment, land, water bodies are all contaminated with plastic and harm all creatures living on earth.

Make your cleaning products

The latest household products are expensive and affect our surroundings. Use nature-friendly ingredients for cleaning purposes like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, etc.

Use and purchase recycled paper

Recycled paper is as perfect as ordinary paper and is also acceptable.

Plant trees

20 Steps guide to eco-friendly living - Plant trees

Balancing the ecosystem is very important for eco-friendly living. Plant more and more trees at every possible vacant location.

Go for eco-friendly technology

Make sure that tech items that we use are eco-friendly. If not, try to minimize their usage.

Avoid buying bottled water

Bottled water is expensive and creates a large amount of waste in the form of plastic. Use a recycled water bottle or tap water.

Go paperless

20 Steps guide to eco-friendly living
- Buying online

Start online payment of bills, perform bank transactions online, receive and deliver letters or documents by email. Shortly, avoid the use of paper as much as you can.

Upgrade your fashionable pieces of equipment

Start investing only in those products that are natural and organic. From our beauty products to outfits, try to keep it environmentally-friendly.

While buying big things, go secondhand

Prefer buying second hands components like a car, bikes, computers, tv, etc.

Prefer to read online

Use the cheapest and effective way to read newspapers, magazines, and books that are read on the internet.

Make greater use of microwave

For the eco-friendly living, conservation of energy is the first thing that we have to perform. There are several energy-saving microwaves available in the market, start cooking in them.

Save the bees

20 Steps guide to eco-friendly living - Save the bees

To protect our ecosystem, there are various initiatives you can take. But among them, the most important is to save bees. Bees play a vital role in pollinating, but they are dying due to overuse of pesticides. So, start purchasing natural honey and promote natural bee living practices.

Look for communities that share reusable items

There are various communities and internet-based services that share and promote recycled items. Before purchasing anything, check out these communities. If you have unusable goods in your home, share with them or discover the new ones taking guidance from them.

Prepare a sustained celebration

We are living in a social world, and social practices such as parties, festivals, meetings, events, etc. are an essential part of it. We must celebrate our happiness or achievements but in a greenway.

  • Invite your friends and relatives by text messaging or make the use of recycled paper
  • Bring homemade food
  • Use eco-friendly foodstuffs

Do not throw things, try to fix them

20 Steps guide to eco-friendly living
- Fix items

Do not thrash defected items and try to repair them yourself, which is more environmentally friendly. There is a lot of information and tools on the internet about repairing unused items. If you are not able to fix it, then mould it into some other useful and working material.

Do an energy utilization audit

Calculate and analyze regularly the amount of energy you are utilizing in your home. Check, how you can minimize its use and take every possible step in this direction.


There is one thing that you must keep in mind while implementing these creative ways in your day-to-day activities. It is that we borrow certain items from our ancestors, but we have to save them for our children. For a good start, adopt these eco-friendly habits. If you are not able to follow all steps given above, then try to stick to a few steps.

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