20 Ways to reduce waste in your home

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The humans are now marching towards the attainment of subtle and undiscovered future. For this, we have made the first human Robot Sophia, launched Apollo mission way back, preparing for Mars; and today, we have made our devices smart that the AI now does a majority of social work.  

The forgotten truth

Now, as usual on the other side of the coin, we are in a state of oblivion. It means we are now just eluding from the truth that we are not the only living species on the earth. Today, we have made the atmosphere worse for the other animals. 

The emission of carbon dioxide from corporate houses, million tons of plastic waste, chlorofluorocarbon, and many more things which are produced or emitted through human work are making the earth into a living hell for the rest of the living species.

The distressing facts about trash

  • We produce 50 million tons of electrical trash every year, globally. On the other hand, we put 7.2 million tons of food waste in the bin every year. 
  • 30 to 40 percent vegetables and fruits are rejected by the sellers every year.
  • A single piece of plastic takes almost a century to decompose. However, still, we are producing million tons of plastic and wasting it every day. 
  • And the most distressing part is that we are throwing all our trash into the oceans and by 2050, we will have more plastic waste into the sea instead of fish.

What is the ultimate solution?

There is a thorough need to save the planet and the existence of living species because today, the trash has become a severe threat to life and matter of survival. There is a saying that one needs to start from their home if you want to make any changes in the society. That is why today we are going to discuss 20 ways through which we can be able to mitigate the home trash.

1) Stop yourself from frequently purchasing

There is a saying that ‘high demand creates highest production’. So, make sure that you are not in the list of people who encourage the high demand of stuff and then all leads to excessive waste. Say no to not-needed purchasing.

2) Be reluctant for plastic-wrapped food

It is a bit astonishing, but the UK alone produces 170 tons of waste every single year, and most of the waste is plastic-wrapped food or wrapping. You can do simple things like ignoring plastic-wrapped food to save your planet.

3) Always carry your bag

By carrying your bag during shopping, you can contribute a lot. By bringing your kit, you can mitigate the use of the plastic bag and save your money too.

4) Purchase in bulk

The purchasing in bulk can reduce the chances of extra trash. It means that purchasing products in bulk; you can buy things without having extra packaging for every single purchasing item.    

5) Use reusable bottles

We produce so much plastic waste by purchasing water bottles while travelling or having water. So, keep in your mind always have a reusable bottle like steel or copper to mitigate the single-use.    

6) Shop local

Try not to shop online because while shopping online, you will get extra bulky packaging even for the small stuff too. So, try to buy local because local shopkeepers do not use heavy wrapping.  

7) Ignore single-use foods/items  

Single-use items or foods are one of the biggest reasons for trash chaos. Any single-use things like plastic bottles, cans, disposable plates, cups, plastic straws or any packed food items are responsible for waste.

8) Switch to loose leaf tea

Teabags are great for travelling and they are desirous for the taste, but they have plastic wrapping, and ultimately they all go into the bin.    

9) Charity shop for shopping

We know this is the age of fashion and fashion demands new and unique, but because of this, around 80 billion of cloth pieces are going to waste. So, be smart and go for the second hand or old clothes.

10) Buy old devices

Electronic devices are made to serve longer, and it doesn’t matter when it comes to saving the atmosphere that you are using the brand new or old equipment. Because they all help you the same and will keep your money.

11) Compost the food waste

The composting of food waste near your farm or garden is the best option for preventing your earth from greenhouse gas.  

12) Perfect meal plan

There is no doubt that most of the house waste comes from food. So, make your meal plan, what you want to eat, and how much you want to eat to save food as well as the earth.

13) Be a vegan

By making yourself a vegan, you can help this world enormously. You will save wildlife and also have a lower impact on animals and agriculture.

14) Cook your food

By making your food, you will help this world a lot and save the massive amount of plastic and wrapping which are used for food packaging.   

15) Recycle 

Recycling is one of the most excellent and safest options or cure for the disease of excessive trash.

16) Use of menstrual cups

On an average, thousands of women go through a menstruating day, and a massive amount of sanitary products are piling up as waste. Menstrual cups are reusable and way safer than the sanitary pads.    

17) Have a habit of repairing

A habit of considering the things and improving is a good habit for the considerable future. Make sure about the repairing of a damaged or faulty product before going to purchase a new.

18) Make a budget

 We know it is entirely out of topic, but it will help you a lot. By preparing a budget, you can be able to analyze what you are consuming and what you are wasting.    

19) Use what you already have

Before throwing or wasting something completely, it would be better for us to know what we already have and what we can use before throwing or losing. Like, makeup products, food or toiletries.

20) Have a habit of cleanliness

Have a good practice of purity and must ensure that you are not throwing or contributing to the wastages in the public area or on the road.


Waste or trash is not only causing the distressing pain or issues for the humans, but also for the animals. So, before throwing some garbage, keep in your mind that planet earth is not the home for humans only. 
So, these are the top 20 ways to reduce waste in your home, and you can opt any of them to make your house clean. 

Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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