4 Easy zero waste beauty swaps

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Your daily beauty routine produce a lot of waste which not only make a burden for you but also results in a huge burden of the environment and the government in managing the waste. Simply from your daily beauty routine, you produce not only a lot of waste but also a lot of chemicals which are very difficult to break down and cause soil to water pollution. But this does not mean you should stop beauty routine. Rather you can choose some alternatives of the regular items that you use in your beauty routine. These alternatives produce less to none waste and are eco friendly.

Here are some Zero Waste Beauty Swaps.

Reusable Cotton Pads

These are very much useful item in your beauty routine. You can use them to clean your face with these pads and even you can use them to remove your facial make up daily. The most amazing fact about these pads are these are reusable, that is to say, you can wash them with water only to use again. You can them for many times. Thus, these pads generate less waste. You can choose these reusable cotton pads instead of cotton balls that you use every day. Many people use tissue papers for removing make up and cleaning their face. You can simply choose these cotton pads instead.

Container matters

Excessive use of plastic is the biggest devil for the environment. It contributes to the huge waste that is generated every day. Now many of you do not know that almost every cosmetic are already available in the wooden container. Unlike plastic, these wooden containers are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Again these wooden containers are not coming from any tree. Rather they are of bamboo tree. As you know, bamboo trees are very fast growing trees and so they can be produced very quickly, making bamboo containers one of the most eco-friendly materials on the earth. You might be thinking that the wooden containers are not so modern looking. You can’t believe your eyes when you found that wooden containers are the ones which are ahead of time.

Make your own deodorant

You might feel confused to read this. But yes, it is possible and that it is very easy. You can take some bicarb soda, corn flour and coconut oil to give a desired consistency. If you prefer to give fragrance, you can add some essential oils. All these ingredients are easily available in the market and you can mix them up to make your own deodorant which is devoid of any harmful chemicals. You will be amazed to find that within a low cost, you can get deodorants. In the long run, these are completely harmless and you can use as much as you can.

Choose woods

There are already wooden toothbrushes, makeup brushes, combs available in the market. If you use these wooden objects instead of plastic ones, then, you are contributing to zero waste. Because these wooden objects lead to no waste production. Even if you do not have to think about the look and feel of these objects. These are much more elegant looking and modern. Even though they are very useful and easy to hold. Modern shops and saloons are also keeping them as they increase the overall elegant feel of the shops. You should also spread this awesome fact to others and encourage others to buy the same.

These 4 beauty swaps are really going to make a change in the environment and the changes in your beauty routine will now be quite easy and convenient for you. These objects are not step backwards rather they are the next version of our plastic and they are much improved from all the aspects so that the next generation people choose them. So, what are you waiting for? Visit a shop and grab them to fill your beauty routine with these modern items.

Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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