4 Steps guide to eco friendly living

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Since civilization has started, we have go on insulting the environment. We have utilized the environment for our betterment and in the process destroyed it. When we became modern and more civilized, specifically technological, rather than saving it we utilized more of the environment and destroyed it more and in greater way. Now we have the intelligence, available resources, knowledge about how to improve ourselves while protecting the environment. Thus, we should execute those ways by which we can make our everyday living styles and habits more friendly towards environment. Here are some steps which can be easily adoptable.

1st Step To Eco Friendly Living

Use LED light. The traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights uses more electricity, in fact, double of LED light. The yellow light of traditional bulb is also bad for eyes. The white light of LED is soothing for the eyes. In case of traditional lights, they use much more electricity of which 95% go waste as heat and only 5% of the electricity is emitted as light energy. The situation is quite reversed in case of LED light. For a traditional light which uses 85 watts of power, to produce the same light by LED light it requires 35 watts. Because LED lights will turn more of the power into light energy instead of heat energy which is done by the traditional lights. If we all use LED lights, it will be a great value and we can save a lot of energy for future use.

2nd Step To Eco Friendly Living

Use less plastic. Using plastic less is somehow seems to be impossible for you at this time. But you are not just informed that there are many materials you can use in place of plastic. Everyday you can use paper bags that very easy to carry and they are big enough to fit many things at once. You can even buy them at low cost. Another important thing is that the paper bags contains no such harmful chemicals which may contaminate your raw food. In fact you are unaware that there is a chance that plastic bags contaminate your vegetables or foods which you keep. You can switch to wooden container and buy those cosmetics which comes in wooden container. They looks absolutely modern and comes in well polished wooden containers that are not only looks great but also can be preserved well in that wooden container.

3rd Step To Eco Friendly Living

Save Water. You are wondering how to save water? There are several times you just use water unknowingly. You can restrict the time of bathing. Many people go on taking bath even after they have actually finished. The bath showers are kept open and the water goes on flowing. While this gives enjoyment but it waste water a lot. While washing clothes, you should be aware of the amount of water. Do not install any fountain in your garden because they waste water too much. If you save water, even you can also save money by reducing the use of your water pump and thus power.

4th Step To Eco Friendly Living

Educate yourself and others. You should try to know more tips how to make your living more eco friendly. The above tips are very useful because it takes nothing to do the above points. You can simply tune your habits and make your living an eco friendly one. Not only yourself but also you should educate others including your friends and families. This is one of the most important point. You can easily adopt the above points and should readily do it. 

Being eco friendly, not only saves the environment but also saves your money.

Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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