4 Sustainable gifts for everyone on your list

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Gifts become an integral part of our life. We constantly give gifts to each other. Most of the time, we give those gifts which creates a huge garbage and promotes exchange of non eco friendly products. To bring environmentally sustainable life style in our daily life, we have to promote the healthy habits among each other. One of the most important is that to exchange gifts that are environmentally sustainable. Here are some items of that sort.

Reusable Shopping Bags

You should give gifts wrapped in reusable shopping bags. So that, it would not create permanent waste and can be reused time and again. The reusable bags create much lesser environmental pollution and burden. Even they are financially better because we can save in buying bags again and again. So, if you create a habit of exchanging gifts in reusable shopping bags then we can bring environmentally sustainable culture among ourselves.

Steel Tiffin Boxes

Steel tiffin boxes are used much less now. These days people much much more willingly reach for plastic boxes instead of steel tiffin boxes. Many people do not realize the fact that the plastic tiffin box that you use to pack foods for your kids are also hazardous. The hot food that you keep in the plastic box melts the plastic in very less amount which is difficult to observe. The melted chemicals from the plastic box are needlessly to say, harmful for the kids. Steel tiffin boxes are good in look and feel and also decrease production of harmful waste like plastic ones. Another thing is that, disposable ones are very good contributor in producing a lot of garbage. Even you can’t even imagine how much it is! In this case, steel tiffin boxes saves a lot of waste and money of the government in managing of these wastes.

Sustainable Cosmetics

Sharing cosmetic products with friends and family has become very trendy. Most of us use those cosmetic products which comes in containers that are made up of plastics. But the important fact that most of us don’t know is that there are cosmetic products that comes in eco friendly environmentally sustainable containers. You can easily buy cosmetics that comes in eco friendly wooden container. Those wooden containers are gorgeous looking and stylish and also eco friendly products.

You can also gift someone sustainable cosmetic products. There are available reusable cotton pads that can be used for beauty routine or face wash. They can be used, washed and reused. They decrease the burden of waste products. Exchanging these new products would certainly bring a new sustainable culture among us.

Reusable Utensils

Presenting utensils as a gift to someone is awesome, especially newly married couple. Reusable utensils are used not only again and again but also years after years. The steel utensils have modern outlook and enhance the beauty of the dinner table. The thickness and its heaviness gives an elegant feel to the people having dinners with them. You can get them in a good shops and they are little costly. But these utensils are really very durable and above all, they are reusable for years.

There are many things which are eco friendly and can be given as a gift. But the above list shows those items which can be easily available and accepted as a gifts in every situation and culture. You can try them out and remember that whatever you present as a gift, use reusable gift bags which do not go waste and enhance the burden of the environment. Sustainability will define the durability of our existence. So, if our habits are eco friendly and sustainable for the environment, then, we can go further and ages up our civilization in the future.

Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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