5 Sustainable living tips

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Since civilization has started, we have used a lot of Earth’s resources and caused environmental pollution. Today time has come to think about the environment. In fact, it is already too late to think as you can observe a lot of environmental disturbances around the world. The weather pattern is changing, the cost of resources are rising, drought and floods are prevalent. Yes, we can blame the government and society to escape our role, which we do every time. But if you are the person who wants to bring a significant change in the environment, then continue to read this.

You may think you have to do a lot of things actively apart from your daily routine. Absolutely wrong. Here are some simple sustainable living tips which you can do every moment. And if many people follow these points, the environment will be much more sustainable and can support more generation easily.

Tip #1: Sustainable energy usage

Energy or electric power is one of the pivotal points of sustainable living. You know energy is required in everything. In fact, not only in your house, but also in producing any product, everything needs power. Thus, you should understand that production of any object needs power and the cost of any thing including object around you includes the cost of power. So, if many people will save power then the cost of power generation will be reduced. This will lead to reduction of cost of almost everything. There will be enough resources available for the next generations. This is how the whole system works. You can find that the cost of resources is increasing day by day. This can be slowed down by this method.

Sustainable power generation is quite available now a days. You can contact your local solar cell supplier or you can change most of your bulbs into LED lights which are going to save power a lot (almost half power is needed for LEDs to light up as compared to a traditional bulb).

Tip #2: Sustainable transportation habit

This is another way to keep our environment running for more decades. Not only the environment, your health can be kept better while following this tip. It is correct that governments should take steps to bring greener fuel or electric cars but before introducing a new system, the governments of every country has to think all pros and cons. But at an individual level, you can do many things. Simply you can avail public transportation. One public bus can carry almost 40 to 80 people, depending upon the country and the size of the bus. According to the data by Environmental Defense Fund, cars release 20% of the world’s total carbon dioxide. Thus, simply taking the bus is one of the biggest sustainable ways of living. Other than this, for short distances, you can avail or rent an electric scooter or bicycle. This also keeps you healthy while cycling.

Tip #3: Make your work paperless

Paper is made mostly from wood. To produce papers, a lot of trees are cut down. For your office work, you can prefer emails or electronic forms. Until there is a need, you should not print. Even many governments give concession in tax to companies which go paperless. Paperless activities save a lot of trees and decrease paper waste and its burden of disposal and management.

Tip #4: Give others if you cannot do

Donate to those organizations which carry out programs like planting trees, environmental protection, growing crops, etc. Because it is quite obvious that you yourself cannot do for the sustainability of the environment which those organizations with their man power and knowledge can do. There are many Organizations which you can find out on the internet and donate them a few dollars and hence help them to carry out the work.

Tip #5: Educate your friends, families

Make others know of this topic and get them acquainted about the sustainability of the environment. Remember one thing, we cannot stop pollution from occurring completely but we can slow it down. Just slowing it down significantly is another way to protect the environment. Educate your friends and family members about the above points and give them the reasons so that they can realize why to follow the above points.

The sustainability of the environment has to be taken care of, to allow the coming generation to utilize the environmental resources including air, water, etc. If you follow some simple rules in our everyday life, then only, the sustainability of the environment can be increased. The next generation can get enough resources to run the society and also the health problems and other burdens like economic burden can also come down. Share all these 5 sustainable living tips to educate others.

Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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