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If you shave every day before taking a shower, then you must say goodbye to the current razor and switch to the biodegradable blade. This is the most sustainable option, especially for the people who are indulged in zero waste concepts. You can save a lot of money buying the reusable razor than the razors that can be used only once. These razors are made of stainless steel and chrome material that promise to work for years.

Today, disposable plastic razors, blades, and handles are increasing plastic waste.

Billions of razors are going to the landfill every year. This is adding up the plastic. However, there are many plastic-free shaving options available, which not only save money but are also eco-friendly.

Here is the list of biodegradable razors that are best picks in the UK.

Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor

Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle - The Perfect Shave - High Quality - Sustainable and Durable - Environmentally Friendly -Fits All Double Edge Razor Blades - Bambaw

If you want to buy the best eco-friendly razor in the UK, you must give a try to the Bambaw made double edge safety razor. The handle is made of bamboo, which is sustainable, lightweight, non-slippery, and is biodegradable. The parts of the razor are made of stainless steel material. This reduces plastic waste and keeps the planet clean.

This is sturdy, durable and gives high value for the money you spent on it. If the blade gets blunt, you just have to replace the blade into the razor and start using it as a new one. If it turns old, you can recycle this razor. You can add this eco-friendly product in your bathroom cabinet.

kuou Double Edge Safety Razor

kuou Double Edge Safety Razor, Eco Friendly Bamboo Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle, Wooden Safety Razor Shaver with Transparent Storage Box for Men Women

This is the most economical yet plastic-free razor that is purchased by many. This comes with a transparent storage box. If you are going out, you can carry this razor with you in the provided case safely. This is made of stainless steel and the handle is made using 100% bamboos. You can also gift this razor to your friends to cut down the plastic waste. You can have a great shaving experiencing with this eco-friendly razor.

The razor will work with all the standard razor blades. It is pretty simple to replace the blunt blades with new ones to the razor. This is entirely plastic-free. Both men and women can use this strong and durable razor to shave legs, head, body and facial hair.

Preserve Shave 5 Razor

Preserve - Shave 5 Razor

If you are turning eco-friendly and replacing all the plastic products with biodegradable ones, then it is time for you to buy an eco-friendly razor UK. For that, you must consider Preserve Shave 5 Razor. This razor is completely made of recycled waste, not just the handle. Though, it won’t last longer but is made of eco-friendly material that fits in your budget. The cartridge can be replaced. The design of the razor is similar to the standard ones that you have been using.

Double Edge Safety Razor for Men & Women from Rebel Shave

Double Edge Safety Razor for Men & Women - Bamboo Razor in Eco Friendly Case w Mirror - 3 Colours - Any DE Razors Blade Fits - Durable & Sustainable - Great Christmas Gift - Rebel Shave

If you want to buy an eco-friendly razor and that is light in weight, then without a second thought, you must buy this grooming kit. This comes with a keep box with mirror and a tweezer. It can be used by both men and women to shave hair on the legs, body and face.

The handle of the razor is made of bamboo and the other parts are made using stainless steel material. This is perfect for the regular travelers to carry along with them to have a clean shave wherever they are. The long handle will allow you to reach the areas that are otherwise hard to shave. You can easily replace the blunt blade with a new one.

Though you won’t get blades along with the razor, this is compatible with all the standard double-edged blades. This is economical and quite simple to use.

Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle from Tilt Shave

Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle - for Men & Women - Safety Razor Wood - Eco Friendly - Sustainable and Durable - Fits All Double Edge Razor Blades - TILTSHAVE

This is the double edge safety razor that is eco-friendly and made exclusively for men but can be used by both sexes. This allows you to have a zero-waste shave proudly. You can have a smooth and professional shave using this razor.

The parts of this razor are made using stainless steel material and the handle is made with bamboo offering high durability and sturdiness.

This is a perfect addition to your bathroom cabinet. The ergonomic handle will allow you to shave your beard without hurting yourself comfortably. This is easy to use. The best part is that you will never go back to your plastic ones again.

Bioshave Triple Blade Razors

Bioshave Triple Blade Razors - 24 Count, Biodegradable Handle, Disposable Razors

This is an eco-friendly razor that is sought by both men and women. This is available at a reasonable price. The blade angle of the razor is perfect to be used on sensitive skin. This razor comes with proper instructions. You must follow the instructions to shave accurately and look handsome.

The weight of the razor made it perfect for the beginners and experienced wet shavers to handle. You can replace the blade and save a lot of money every day. The handle is made of sustainable plant resources that are not hypoallergenic. This delivers you a smooth and comfortable shave. It comes with 24 disposable razors.

Biodegradable Wheat Straw Handle Razors Three Blades

Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor - No Blades Included

This safety razor is perfect for beginners to shave accurately. This is eco-friendly, economical, and durable. The biodegradable wheat straw handle will allow you to have a smooth shave. It is easy to get a grip over the razor to shave the beard properly. The sleek design makes it comfortable for the users to hold the handle for a long time to shave the hair on the body.

It allows you to have a mild and comfortable shave. You can rinse the hair follicles stuck in the razor to avoid it from getting corrosive.

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