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Your beauty bag and makeup are incomplete without mascara. Mascara darkens, lengthens and thickens your lashes. It is the only gateway to have big and beautiful eyes. But conventional mascara contains undesirable and harmful ingredients that spoil your eye’s health. As the eye is the most sensitive part of our body, it should be well cared. We know, everyone wants to look fabulous but proper care with the products that you are using is also important.

To look stunning, we must apply mascara before finishing our makeup, but it should be created from the natural ingredients. Before purchasing mascara from the market, make sure that it is best suited to your eye. Properly check its all ingredients, whether they are manufactured from harmful chemicals or not. While buying mascara, you may get confused with so many different options. This article will help you to select the best natural mascara that delivers the right volume and lustre to your eyes.

You might be wondering why we must use natural mascara?

Mascara comprises chemicals that damage your eyelashes to a great extent. It causes them to become dry, brittle, and make them fall out. Many people are influenced by shortened eyelashes due to the use of ordinary mascara. Organically produced mascara is not only gentle but also has the potential to make your eyes seem natural and full of volume. Natural mineral pigments deliver a subtle look at daytime and dramatic look in the evening.

As it is already said, the eye is the most sensitive organ. So, don’t damage its natural beauty with the use of toxic mascara. Natural mascara works gently to eyelashes, and it also averts redness and irritation.

Use the best natural mascara available in the market. Here comes the list that will help to select the right mascara.

Poppy Austin All Natural Smudge Proof Mascara

FINEST Vegan & Organic Lengthening Mascara Black With Argan Oil - Cruelty-Free, Best Natural Volumising, Thickening, Smudge Proof, Hypoallergenic, Water Based - for Sensitive Eyes & Short Lashes

Poppy Austin mascara is made from 100% natural ingredients including argan oil, organic olive oil, plant waxes and acacia gum. Enriched with organic botanicals, it provides you 24-hour coverage from irritation and smudging.


  • Lifts, curls and lengthens your lashes perfectly
  • It maintains a ph level of sensitive eyes
  • Gives a classic black finish
  • It has added essential ingredients which give your eyelashes a fuller, thicker and silky smooth look

W3LL PEOPLE – Natural Expressionist Mascara

W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara

It creates bold, big fluffy lashes due to its boundary-breaking formula. For highly defined perfect lashes, you must try it once.


  • Has hyper core mineral pigments
  • No petroleum derivatives and harsh chemicals used
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • It is gluten-free, tar-free, and aluminium free

RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara

RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara

This mascara adds life to your lashes as it is enriched with certified organic and mineral pigments. It is a perfect combination of selected plant waxes and organic raw minerals.


  • It adds definition or volume to create luxurious lashes
  • Brings life to your lashes
  • Smudge-free and long-lasting
  • It is organically certified

Sweet & Safe Mascara

Sweet & Safe Mascara 10ml

Sweet & Safe Mascara is enriched with rare Botanical oil Abyssinian, beeswax, and carnauba. It is perfect for day and night that saves your precious time. For a high glamour and natural look, one must try it.


  • Contains high-quality natural ingredients
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Stimulate growth, strengthen, and regenerate lashes
  • It’s a unique waterproof mascara

Inika Long Lash Vegan Mascara

INIKA Mascara Long Lash Black 8g

Long Lash Vegan Mascara from this brand is created from sunflower oil and vitamin E. It acts wonderful and defines, highlights your lashes. 


  • It is flake-free and clump-free
  • Incredible panoramic lash look
  • It contains carnauba wax which boosts length and volume
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic

Avril Certified Organic Mascara

Avril Mascara Certified Organic

Manufactured from botanically–charged formula, this Avril Mascara delivers length and long-lasting volume to your eyelashes.


  • Contains acai berry and beeswax
  • Nourishes lash hair
  • It has a botanically charged formula
  • It is flake-free and smudge resistant

YOUNUO Best Natural Volumizing Mascara

4D silk fiber lash mascara, Extra Long Lash Mascara,4D silk mascara waterproof volume fibre mascara 4D mascara fiber lashes Black

Powered by natural derived silk fibre, it is nutrient-rich mascara. If you are looking for versatile mascara that brings natural definition, volume and length, use it. 


  • Longer, thicker, voluminous lashes
  • For optimal pick-up, it comes with a unique brush
  • Deeply pigmented and suitable for all occasions
  • Its non-drying technique makes it clump-free, smudge-free and flake-free

MagiDeal Natural Organic Volumizing Mascara

Natural Organic Mascara for Lash Growth, Lengthening and Volume, Eyelash Conditioning Eye Makeup, Volumizing & Washable Mascara

The incredible formula is designed with natural organic ingredients that promote growth and length of your eyelashes.


  • Easy to apply and thickens lashes in a smooth manner
  • It has a unique water resistance property
  • Smudge-free and stays day and night
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and also for the people who wear contact lens

Gaya Cosmetics Vegan Mascara

Gaya Cosmetics Vegan Mascara for Sensitive Eyes, Defines Lashes with Lengthening & Volume Effect, Intense Length Long Natural Eyelashes

Gaya Cosmetics Vegan Mascara gives you amazing and natural eyelashes and is designed to coat completely without leaving any clump.


  • Lengthens and thickens your eyelashes
  • Contour your thin eyelashes and boost them
  • It is natural and organically built
  • With its slim brush, it is easy to apply

Green People Volumizing Mascara

Green People Volumising Mascara

With a thin-bristled brush, it gives your eyelashes incredible volume and length. It is all ingredients are natural and organically farmed.


  • It nourishes eyelashes from tip to roots
  • Volumizes, conditions and lengthens eyelashes
  • A high precision brush delivers an excellent definition
  • It contains Vitamin e, organic beeswax, and sunflower oil.


Your daily makeup routines are not complete without mascara, and if it is naturally built, it becomes more effective and special. Our objective is to present the best and perfect makeup collection that is natural and organic. While using the best natural mascara, you not only maintain your eye health but also contribute to the prevention of the motherland from danger. Don’t waste your expensive time in thinking, and replace your conventional mascara with these natural and organic mascaras.

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