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Women are blessed with the power to give life. Now they are independent and powerful. But when the question comes to their menstrual hygiene, they are exploiting their bodies. It’s very important to look after your health needs; it should not be overlooked. If you feel irritation and itchiness every month when the period comes, at that time, organic cotton pads are ideal for you. 

Throughout the lifetime, average women experience menstruation for more than six years and use approximately 12000 sanitary pads. Conventional sanitary pads are made of synthetic fibre, plastic, and other nasty chemicals. These pads are harmful to our health and also unbalance our ecosystem.

For safe and healthy periods, women should replace ordinary menstrual pads to organic cotton pads which are eco-friendly, safe, and maintain feminine hygiene. 

Rael Organic Cotton Menstrual Regular Pads

Rael 100% Organic Cotton Menstrual Regular Pads - Ultra Thin Natural Sanitary Napkins With Wings

Rael products are designed by women and are for women. Its main objective is to provide comfortable, effortless, top-quality feminine health care products. Their products are made with 100% OCS certified organic cotton without the use of pesticides, toxins and synthetic chemicals.

Key features:

Rael organic cotton pads are engineered with different absorbent layers that keep you free from leakage and keep you feeling fresh. It allows you to stay confident with its hypoallergenic and breathable sheets. They are perfect for sensitive skin as they are created with irritation less formula. It’s an ultra-premium, pillowy pad that prevents leakage and overflowing. Uniquely designed to trap fluids and have side panels for extra security!

Grace & Green Premium Organic Sanitary Pads

Grace & Green, Premium Organic Sanitary Pads. Ultra Thin Superior Protection with Wings

Grace & Green Sanitary Pads are a revolutionary feminine care product that is healthy, thoughtful and innovative. Built from organic cotton top sheets naturally, it wicks away moisture to keep you leak-free and dry. These pads are also free of artificial dyes, chlorine, deodorants, rayon, etc.

Key features:

Designed with patent-pending channel technology, these micro-thin pads superbly absorb extra leakage to keep you dry all day. It is powered with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton which has a low impact on our health and ecosystem.

Masmi Ultra Thin Night Pads

Masmi Ultra Thin Night Pads with Wings Individually Wrapped Organic Cotton, Hypoallergenic, 100% Biodegradable, Perfume, Viscose, Rayon, Chlorine and Dioxin Free

Masmi is GOTS certified, which is given to companies that are known for their better works, better communities, and are better for nature. In addition to being built with organic cotton, these pads are free of chlorine, pesticides, dyes, and are suitable for all skin types.

Key features:

It is made with GOTS certified organic cotton. These ultra-thin pads are designed to add comfort. These pads are perfume-free and super absorbent and free from animal testing.

LUXstore Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads

LUXStore Organic Menstrual Pads with Wide Wings Super Absorbent, Neutralises Odours and uses Hypoallergenic Cotton for Maximum Comfort

LUXstore Cotton Panty Liners are an eco-friendly choice for a health-conscious person. These panty liners are created with certified organic cotton making it naturally thin and soft. Harmful effects of Synthetic cotton, pesticides, perfumes, GMOs, and Chlorine are absent in them. 

Key features:

These pads are best suitable for heavy flows and overnight protection. Perfect for staying safe and fresh for a long distanced journey.  These pads are soft, breathable and suitable for all skin types. To reduce the risk of allergies caused by synthetic cotton, it is made with natural cotton grown organically.

Natratouch  Organic Cotton & Natural Bamboo Charcoal Liners

NATRATOUCH ~ COMPOSTABLE ~ Texas Organic Cotton & Natural Bamboo Charcoal Liners and Sanitary Pads

Natratouch Organic Cotton Pads give you needed healthy and reliable protection. Features with long-lasting protection, having natural absorbent material derived from organic cotton, these pads are thin, soft and give you optimal security. Choose Natratouch products and create a healthy environment for you and your family. 

Key features:

These pads are made with 0% chlorine bleaching, fragrance, dyes, deodorants or rayon. You will feel fresh, safe, clean for the whole day after using these pads. They are designed creatively to give you maximum comfort and safety from leakage.  

Plastfree Premium Ultra Thin Organic cotton Menstrual Pads

Plastfree Cotton Sanitary Pad- Premium, ulta-Thin, Super Absorbent, eco-Friendly Pads with Wings -Night

Plastfree Ultra Thin Organic Cotton Pads are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and gynaecologically tested. It is built with specialized grooves for overall coverage from side leakage. Its quality and performance are approved by SGS.

Key features:

These pads have antibacterial Anion Strip. All pads are microbiological tested by MSL and designed to give the highest security and a healthy environment.

Eco by Naty Certified Thin Sanitary Pads

Eco by Naty Sanitary Pads – Normal, 15 pads. Absorbent, plantbased thin Sanitary Pads. Vegan. 0% plastic

Eco by Naty have been manufacturing award-winning feminine care products that provide great protection against the uneven flow. Take a fabulous experience of wearing these ecological pads which are free of petroleum-based plastics or synthetic fibers. If you are looking for a quality product, then these menstrual pads are filled with all your expectations. 

Key features:

These sanitary pads have high absorbent quality and are best suitable for medium to high flow. These are certified by AB Vincotte and do not contain synthetics, perfume, chlorine, and other nasty chemicals.

Lady Anion Certified Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads

Lady Anion Thin Pads, Certified Organic Cotton – Super Value Pack (9 x 15) - Organic Sanitary Towels - Natural Period Pads

Nowadays, women who work outside have a little time to change pads. For them, these pads are useful and effective. These pads are enriched with the super quality of organic cotton. Designed with anion strip with tourmaline which controls its odors, these pads are perfect for the women of today. 

Key features:

It keeps you dry all day and beneficial for overnight heavy leakage protection. Its biodegradable polymer gel ensures effective absorption. Best for sensitive, allergy-prone skin and prevents you from redness and itchiness.

WOW 100% natural cotton Sanitary Pads

WOW Premium Organic Sanitary Pads 100% USDA Certified Cotton Large Pads, Ultra Slim Natural Sanitary Napkins with Wings 11-(28cm) 10 Pads Total for Sensitive Skin

WOW sanitary pads are manufactured from natural fabric cotton which is safe and reliable. Their products contribute to the overall development of society. These pads are extremely hygienic and best for untimely leakage.

Key features:

All WOW pads are built with natural ingredients. They are designed with a unique twist structure that gives you super absorbency. It provides complete leakage protection. These incredible breathable, hypoallergenic pads give you an amazingly comfortable experience.

Mylily 100% Ultra Thin Organic Cotton Pads

Mylily Sanitary Towels 100% Organic Cotton 0% Chemicals Reliable Protection 3 Pack

Mylily introduces a chain of all eco-friendly women healthcare products.  Their tampons, pantyliners and sanitary pads are all-natural, hygienic and 100% performance certified. 

Key features:

These sanitary pads are extra absorbent and supersoft that give you a secure period. It provides greater stability to vaginal skin by maintaining its ph level. These are ultra-thin pads with wings for a comfortable fitting and optimal protection against the uneven flow.

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