Best skin care advice for 2020

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Kickstart Y2020 with unique yet simple beauty-aids to pamper the skin you’re in. Here comes 15 super-cool ways to compliment your skin-care regime:

  1. Choosing the right moisturizer

    Not every skin requires the same type of moisturizer. So please choose the one which suits you the best. Usually a Water/Gel based one would cater you the best throughout the day.
  2. Sunscreen

    Never ever forget to wear sunscreen (with SPF 30 at the least) before you step out. Try to apply it atleast 15 -20 minutes before you take the sunny exposure.
  3. Shower

    Get yourself a moisturizing shower cream instead of the regular shower gels. You should use warm water instead of hot water while taking shower.
  4. Natural moisturizer

    Use honey as it is amazingly moisturizing and soothing for your skin. Just apply honey on slightly wet skin, leave it for 5-10 minutes and then simply wash it off with lukewarm water. You’ll be amazed to get a smooth and supple skin instantly.
  5. Night Care

    Once you’re done with your days job, wash your face with lukewarm water and apply a slightly heavy moisturizer (preferably one with Vitamin E) all over your face and neck. People over 25 years of age are recommended to use anti-aging cream for best results. Also use a body lotion of your choice before going to bed.
  6. Handling hands

    Hand is one of the busiest parts of our body, isn’t it? So,never ever neglect ’em. Always carry hand cream/gel/serum with you and use generously whenever you need.
  7. Feet

    Winter is the season for ugly feet! To break this myth, we need to put a little extra effort. Please wear clean, cotton socks even at home and change them twice a day. Regular exfoliation, foot bath along with the foot cream of your choice would keep your feet healthy and soft. Try to avoid open shoes while going out for longer duration.
  8. Lip Care

    Do you want baby-soft, pink lips even in this hard winter? A little labour will make your dream come true.
    • Always use chapsticks and lip-balms to keep your lips hydrated. Again its better to use sunscreen added lip cream during the day.
    • Remember: Peeling your flaky lips will only worsen the trouble.
    • Honey and clarified butter(ghee) are two magic remedies to combat chapped lips.
  9. Skin wipes

    Always keep moisturizing skin-wipes/wet wipes handy and use them off and on.This will keep your skin hydrated for a longer period.
  10. Olive oil

    It’s an age-old home remedy believed to be a cure-all potion for the common skin problems.
    • It smoothens, brightens and nourishes the skin from within.
    • You can use it as body oil, mix it with your face pack or simply apply it on your face with a cotton ball soaked in olive oil.
    • Believe me, you’ll gonna love it!
  11. Clothes

    Always go for skin-friendly garments to avoid various skin problems like rashes, redness, itchy skin etc. Choose natural fibers like cotton, silk, pure wool etc. as these would let your skin breathe properly.
  12. Hair-Care

    To protect our hair from the polluted environments, we really need to be a little more careful.
    • Wear scarf, cap, hat or carry umbrella whenever you step out of home.
    • Do use conditioner every single time you shampoo your hair.
    • Remember: Conditioners should be applied from the middle to the end of your hair, not on the scalp.
  13. Dandruff

    It’s one of the commonest problems people face during winter. The key to a dandruff free hair is to keep the scalp clean and free from infections. For that,you need to use mild anti-dandruff shampoo (the herbal ones work pretty well) once a week along with your regular shampoo. If possible, use them alternately. Never oil your hair before stepping out as an oily scalp literally invites dust particles to make your scalp sticky. Water/Spirit based hair vitalizers are good alternatives in this case. If you can’t help but oil your hair, do it 1 hour before shampooing. Never scratch the itchy scalp. Use blunt end combs and hair brushes to soothe your scalp.
  14. Spilt ends

    If you wann’a get rid of split ends,the first thing you need to do is to trim your hair. Thereafter you just maintain the regular hair care regime according to your convenience. Try to tie your hair loosely before going to bed. Use detangling serum/spray before coming your hair.
  15. Healthy diet

    As we all know that beauty is not only skin deep, we should focus on a good and healthy diet to nourish the skin from within. Green leafy vegetables, milk, saffron (kesar), egg, any seasonal fruit would heal and replenish the skin in a unique way and trust me the glow will be enviable!

These 15 advises are golden points for your skin in 2020. Just go ahead with these points and you can get a whole new skin in this year.

Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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