Erdfreundliche Veränderungen, die Sie in Ihrem täglichen Leben vornehmen können

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You do many things that hamper the environment. In fact, you directly harm the earth to make your living. You may think you do not have any other way. But no, there are ways to make our living without harming the earth. For that, you have to bring some changes in our daily life. Here are some tips to make your daily life earth-friendly.

Say No To Plastic

Plastic is one of the biggest factor that is harming the earth. You can easily reduce plastic waste that is generated by you in every day life. You can use paper bags for carrying something. You can buy fruits and vegetables wrapped in papers. Try not to buy things which are selling in plastic containers. In many e-commerce website, there is an option to opt plastic free containers/package. You can buy things that comes in glass containers or bamboo jars. Actually, when you dispose the plastics then these plastic either get into the soil and contaminates the soil with the chemicals in it or the plastic end up in the water bodies like lakes, ponds, rivers and ultimately harming marine wildlife. In either way, the plastic does immense harm to the earth. There are bamboo ear buds available in the market which can buy easily. We all should understand there is urgent need to shift to bamboo and other eco-friendly products otherwise the harmful effects will simply rise and will be out of our control.

Reuse the Reusables 

Reuse those things which are reusable. For an instance, do not throw away any bottle (even plastic bottles). If you have finished drinking what was there inside, then , reuse that bottle by keeping water or in some other ways. You can use reuse clothes of your family members (obviously after washing). Instead of just dumping, you can give them to poor people. You can buy wiederverwendbare Wattepads, make up remover pads which you can reuse for many times. You can use them in your facial cleansing and in your daily beauty routine. You can easily wash them and reuse and also can carry with you outside. Then can save your money also by reducing water usage and tissue paper usage. You can reuse books by taking them from seniors. Reusing will save your money and also save the earth by minimizing the energy and emission of production. 

Promote Eco-friendly products

It is impossible for us to stay with out using any thing. No, to have sustainable living means to use eco friendly products. It does not mean that you have to be like ancient people. You can maintain your lifestyle and social status same as now but by using some different things. Like you can use cosmetics that comes bamboo jar. Bamboo is a plant that can grow a meter long every night which makes it very much environmental friendly product. You can also use cotton buds that are made up of bamboo stick. You can also use reusable cotton pads for removing make up. Using paper bags or jute bags is also environmentally friendly way to live your life. 

Encourage Others

As you already know doing by yourself only will never be enough for the earth. You should encourage your family members, friends, elders and specially the younger generations. If many people can do the above points which are very simple and not take anytime from you, we can have sustainable living and make the earth live more longer. So, do social sharing of the above points and post in the social group and speaks about this topic on the internet. If you do and makes other follow the above said points, the whole humanity can have sustainable development. Try to waste energy less and also spend a zero waste lifestyle by reusing and using those products which can be reused like reusable cotton pads. If you get a little more time in your holiday, plant a tree anywhere you want. 

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Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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