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Today, global warming, climate change, resource scarcity, and the depletion of the ozone layer have become some of the most important topics of concern as their impact on the lives of animals and humans is harming them drastically.

Since animals are innocent in this situation, so it is now necessary for humans to adopt specific steps for sustainable living. If humans change their lifestyles and needs, then it can help all of us reduce environmental impact or carbon footprint.

Understanding sustainable living

Sustainable living is a lifestyle or an action that makes humans to reduce the demand on one’s personal resources or natural resources.

This method of living life is primarily aimed at conducting lifestyles in such ways that can maintain a symbiotic human relationship with the natural ecology of the Earth and to balance natural beauty and environmental sustainability.

Practicing sustainable living: Easy ways

Reduce waste

It is an essential step that can lead to sustainable living. For instance, if you don’t waste any product instead of practice to utilize it again. It is an initial step of yours towards a sustainable life as the habit of sustainable living ensures that you will replace that thing if you don’t use.

Reducing waste is easy with these key points:

  • Start composting;
  • Learn to repair rather than discard;
  • Start relying on a reusable container;
  • Ditch the plastic bags.

Reduce purchase

Usually, it is in the habits of humans that we make additional purchases that also lead to wastage of products. This habit is prevalent in almost every single individual. So to adopt a sustainable living habit, we must only purchase what we actually need. Then, it can turn out to be a big step towards environment safety.

Change the lights in your house

Changing the lights of your home also contributes a vital step towards sustainable living. For example, changing all those traditional light bulbs such as CFL and on its place, using more natural light such as skylights will reduce the consumption of energy. 

Also, using energy-efficient and long-lasting light sources significantly diminish the quantity of waste going into landfills.

Avoid playing games

The modern age children more likely love to spend time with video games instead of reading books and enjoying the environment through outdoor gameplay. But, it is essential to understand that when people spend more time on videos games, the energy consumption significantly increases in this way.

But how can this lead to a sustainable living? Well, it is simple because you will be diminishing your reliance on the sources of your entertainment that consume natural resources and energy. So your this little step can also contribute a vital role towards sustainable living.

Use daylight

Most people like to spend their day time either inside their office or inside their house. Therefore in such scenarios, they remain far from daylight. So it is also essential that we should take the pros of daylight, and try more to consume natural light. Consequently, in this way, electricity consumption will be reduced.

Kitchen reusables

It is imperative that instead of buying new items, you either save or reuse all these things: rubber bands, paper bags, twisties, packaging material, and boxes. Try to switch from plastic bags to reusable ceramic, glass or metal containers.

Unplug devices when not in use

It is in the habit of humans that sometimes we become careless about some specific essential things. For example, you don’t unplug your TV when you aren’t watching anything on it. You only turn it off from remote. But this step of yours isn’t going to reduce energy usage. 

Because the electricity will be still running into the system. So when not in use, you just pull the plug. Since this will facilitate energy-saving and also decrease your monthly bill on electricity consumption.

Hazardous waste

Another central aspect of dealing with waste successfully is the disposal of toxic products in a hazardous waste facility. Products requiring special handling include:

  • Household cleaners – rug cleaners, spot removers, metal cleaners, oven cleaner, drain cleaner, bathroom cleaners.
  • Building materials – driveway sealer, varnish, paint, paint thinner, rust remover, solvents, and wood preservatives.
  • Automotive products – transmission oil, gasoline brake fluid, charcoal lighter fluid, power steering fluid, kerosene, used motor oil, used antifreeze and used oil filters.
  • Verschiedenes – acids and corrosive chemicals, photographic chemicals, pool chemicals, Ni-Cd batteries and compact fluorescent light bulbs (mercury).
  • Pesticides – weed killers, insect killers, flea products, fertilizers with weed killer and moth crystals.

Choose renewable energy

To stop climate change, choosing renewable energy is one of the best methods for sustainable living. For instance, the installation of solar panels can provide you with solar water heating. On the other hand, installations of solar panels on rooftops of your houses also generate energy. Simultaneously, you can use this energy to light up your home that also initiates a sustainable mode of living.

Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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