Unverzichtbare Dinge, die zur Abfallvermeidung in Ihrer Küche beitragen

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Today waste generation and it’s management has become a big headache for everyone. Not only in large scale, but also in every house. Now most of the waste in a house or family is generated in the kitchen. This waste almost contributes 50% of the household wastes. Out of all kitchen waste, mostly the waste is produced because of unused cooked food. So, the burden of waste is quite high in every household and you should realize there is a need to reduce this waste production. Production of waste products not only pollute the environment but also the production of waste implies the useless utilization of the Earth’s resources, apart from the burden of cost.

Here are some items that you can use to reduce waste in your kitchen.

Reusable utensils

Although people use utensils made from aluminium or steel but recently there is a rise of disposable cups, plates, spoons, etc. The use of disposable cups, plates, spoons have lead to the generation of a lot of kitchen wastes. Even though they are very difficult to degrade. Disposables are made of different materials. But the most dangerous material is plastic which are basically non biodegradable. Not only that, when it will be dumped, it will start polluting soil with its ingredient chemicals. As more and more people buying disposable cups and plates, manufacture of those have increased in recent times. Thus, only you can stop this by not buying disposable plates. Instead you should go for reusable aluminium or steel utensils which you reuse for indefinite period of time, saving your money and reducing waste in the environment.


This is one of the important item that you should have for reducing waste in kitchen. In the introduction, you can read that most of the waste from household comprise of cooked foods. Much of the cooked foods every day in most of the families, get wasted. So, firstly, to minimize the waste that are generating in this way, you should calculate how much to cook. Most of the time, its very difficult to calculate. Then if some of the foods remain untouched, you can preserve in refrigerator. In many cases, it has been seen, most of the families throw out the foods that are not eaten by family members, even if they have refrigerator. This should not be done.

Cloth towels

Now a days, due to the easy availability of paper towels, many people buy them and use them for drying the wet utensils or cleaning the kitchen tables and other objects in the kitchen. You have to know that paper towels production almost consumes 130 billion gallons of water and almost about 110 million trees. So, instead of using paper towels, if you can use cloth towels, you are not only saving water and trees but also reducing a lot of kitchen waste because you can repeatedly use cloth towels for indefinite time.

Buy a composter

Even if you do everything, the peels of the veggies will be your kitchen waste. In fact, there will be a lot of them. So, you can manage this waste by buying a composter where you can dump your vegetable wastes like the skin of vegetables or the portion which you do not want to cook. Later, this waste can be used as compost in your garden or you can donate to others who have gardens.

These are some essential items which you can possess to reduce waste production from kitchen. If you encourage others to follow the above points, it will be a huge move towards “zero waste” movement. You should realize that the environment is the first thing which allows humans to thrive on this planet. So, without the environment, there’s no future for your children.

Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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