20 Ways to reduce waste in your home

Table des matières

The humans are now marching towards the attainment of subtle and undiscovered future. For this, we have made the first human Robot Sophia, launched Apollo mission way back, preparing for Mars; and today, we have made our devices smart that the AI now does a majority of social work.  

The forgotten truth

Now, as usual on the other side of the coin, we are in a state of oblivion. It means we are now just eluding from the truth that we are not the only living species on the earth. Today, we have made the atmosphere worse for the other animals. 

The emission of carbon dioxide from corporate houses, million tons of plastic waste, chlorofluorocarbon, and many more things which are produced or emitted through human work are making the earth into a living hell for the rest of the living species.

The distressing facts about trash

  • We produce