Alternatives To Pads And Tampons You Should Think About Trying

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When it comes to women?s health and hygiene, the menstrual cycle is a considerable aspect to know. Generally, people talk about proper hygiene during periods, diet, and other health parameters. Even discussion on the use of pads, tampons instead of cloth is endless. But nobody thinks of that used pads and tampons disposal.

Have you ever thought of the total amount of waste pads and tampons thrown every day worldwide? Well, there is no such factful calculation over this, but still, there must be a considerable ratio, just over sanitary pads and tampon. However, most of the females worldwide are using other items in periods due to a lack of knowledge, resources, and economic status.

Alternatives To Pads And Tampons You Should Think About Trying Menstrual Cups Sanitary Pads

Today will be discussing the reliable alternatives to pads and tampons, to manage menstrual flow and hygiene.

The significant and excellent alternatives to pads and tampons for females

Well, females commonly have their personalized strategies to handle their monthly cycle and bleeding during the period. It even crucially depends on the resources, cultural and educational status, availability of money, or social pressure as well. But still, we are highlighting some excellent substitutes for pads and tampons below.

Menstrual sponges

Sounds pretty amazing, isn?t it? Indeed, the invention of sponges to use during periods is getting quite popular these days. These are basically natural sponges that originate in oceans and are non-toxic. In fact, these ocean sponges are bio-degradable and non-chemical based products that are useful in periods to maintain flow and hygiene.