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Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

You may think going zero waste means using more advanced ways which are obvious costly. But you may be amazed to know going zero waste may save you money. Many people around the world are choosing zero waste lifestyle making themselves eco-friendly as well as saving thousands of money.

Here are some reasons how you can save by going zero waste.

Zero waste in kitchen

To render zero waste in kitchen, you should tell yourself, you will cook the amount you and you family members can eat. Thus, every day you create little no food waste. Not wasting food will not only save you money but also save more foods for the whole society. If many people and almost all of us can do like this, there will be many foods left for the other to feed upon. Another tip is you can use reusable can to keep spices, sugars, salt, etc. Do not buy spices or food materials which comes in plastic container. It will create plastic waste. Apart from this, whatever you will keep in that plastic container will slowly get contaminated with plastic chemicals.

Zero waste in bathroom

Your daily beauty routine may be one of the biggest contributor of waste production. In many times, you use water for nothing. Like when you brush your teeth, you keep tap water open. This should not be done to adopt zero waste lifestyle. Again you use water for removing your makeup and for facial cleansing. You can buy reusable makeup remover pads which comes in handy bamboo jar. You can search for them in online as well as offline market. They can be reused and you do not even need water to remove your makeup. Simply wash them and reuse them. For many days to weeks, you can save your money by doing this. This will neither create a pile of waste every day after your beauty routine. This is one of most eco friendly product in the market.

Zero waste in daily life

These waste products are dangerous which cannot be degraded by the nature like plastic. These waste products which can be degraded like paper bags, jute bags, bamboo containers. So, you should buy those products which comes in paper bags and not in plastic bags. You should buy those cosmetics that comes in biodegradable packaging, eg. made from bamboo. Bamboo plant can grow very quickly, even a meter in one night. So, bamboo is very environmentally friendly product. If possible, bring fruits and vegetables wrapped in a paper. Do not use plastic bags every time. Always try to encourage others to use paper bags and bamboo containers.  

Reuse and Recycle

Even if you have plastic bottles, do not just dispose them. To render sustainable development and adopt zero waste lifestyle, you should send them to recycling center. They can be easily recycled and there will be less stress on new production. You can also reuse the plastic bottles in spite of buying new ones. But from now onwards, try not to buy plastic bottles. In this way, you can go plastic free and save your money. You can also buy those products including reusable makeup remover pads that are packed in bamboo jar containers, to complete render your lifestyle zero waste and produce zero waste at home. Using reusable makeup remover pads lead to zero waste in bathroom and you can do plastic free makeup. 

These amazing points can make you environmentally friendly and save you a lots of money. You will be now amazed that going zero waste, once thought to be costly idea, is now a saving tip.

Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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