Global Warming And Climate Change Facts And Stats

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The words Global warming can be seen quite a lot in the daily news channels. This is because it has become a reason for concern regarding everyone living on this Earth. Global warming is the gradual increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. This leads to the melting of the ice caps in the North and South poles of the globe, resulting in a rise in the level of seawater. It is predicted that in the next few centuries, the ice caps will have melted, and the entire surface of this world, as we know, will be underwater if this is not stopped or controlled in this century.

Main reasons for Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming And Climate Change Facts And Stats There is NO Planet B

Global warming and climate change are happening at such a fast pace that we often forget what causes them in the first place, especially when we are busy with our daily humdrum routines.

Carbon Emissions

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions from vehicles and factories are considered to be the main source of global warming throughout this world. Carbon Dioxide is responsible for heating up the atmosphere of the Earth. Carbon Dioxide is considered to be a greenhouse gas that is responsible for increasing the temperature of the atmosphere around it. Other greenhouse gases that constitute the Earth’s atmosphere are Methane (CH4), Ozone (O3) and Nitrous Oxide (N2O). These gases are solely responsible for the melting of the ice caps of the two poles of the Earth, leading to a rise in the sea level. It has been calculated that in the next century, the sea level will rise exponentially that entire coastal cities will be lost over time.

Global Warming And Climate Change Facts And Stats Iceberg

Carbon Emissions occur mainly from the release of greenhouse gases from automotive vehicles, which mostly include Carbon Dioxide and other forms of Nitrous Oxides. Along with being one of the leading factors of air pollution, it also serves as the main source of global warming as well. About 2 billion tonnes of CO2 are produced from power plants around the world, with 1.7 billion tonnes of CO2 being produced from vehicles. Burning of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and diesel produce massive amounts of greenhouse gases and emit a lot of Carbon Dioxide, promoting global warming at a rapid pace. This is called the Greenhouse Effect – the leading cause of global warming.


With the increase in temperature, the need for air conditioners in every room has also increased dramatically, along with refrigerators. But the fun but devastating fact most people do not know is that these coolers actually emit a lot of hydrofluorocarbons. These hydrofluorocarbons are majorly responsible for increasing the rate of global warming of the Earth. This is because hydrofluorocarbons have been causing a major hole in the Ozone layer that surrounds the atmospheric layers of the Earth. The Ozone layer contains ozone (O3) that prevents harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun from reaching the surface of the Earth. These ultraviolet rays also accelerate global warming on Earth. In an ironic way, it can be said that the very machines that humans have made to seek comfort from increasing global warming become the ones responsible for it. The global warming p[otential of Hydrofluorocarbons is significantly high, as they are 100 to 3000 times hotter than Carbon Dioxide.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming And Climate Change Facts And Stats Eco or EGO

Global warming is the increase in the temperature of the atmosphere of the Earth at the surface level. With this increase in temperature at sea level, it has an irreversible effect on the climate of the place.

Scientists have figured out that a lot of hurricanes and patterns of ocean currents all around the world are changing and getting disoriented at a rapid pace. This is happening due to the increase in water temperature at sea level. The atmosphere and the Earth’s oceans have been getting warmer every year, which has resulted in the melting of the ice caps and an increase in the level of seawater. It has been found that the temperature of the top 700 meters of the oceans has annually increased by 0.4-degree Fahrenheit. This increase due to the melting of tonnes of glaciers annually has changed the current oceanic patterns.

This has a diverse effect on the ecosystem of the world, as much marine life has selected habitats depending on the availability of food and climate. Mass scale migration of birds has taken place over the years, along with a variety of migration of aquatic life. This has affected the availability of fish for humans and other animals, altering the food chain and disrupting the ecosystem.

Global warming and climate change have also affected the tropical weather of the coastal areas, with a rise in the number of hurricanes that have been occurring lately. Persistence of global warming and climate change is bound to have many repercussions in the future, that scientists have predicted will drastically alter the ecosystem and habitat of all living beings.

How can Global Warming be stopped?

Global Warming And Climate Change Facts And Stats Save The Planet

In order to stop global warming and climate change, every individual needs to play their roles in it. While this might sound good on paper, in reality, everyone soon needs to start paying attention to every activity they do, especially how they do it.

For starters, people can travel more on public transport like buses and trains compared to personal cars, as the fuel consumption behind every individual is lessened dramatically. Using CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as an alternative to petroleum and diesel are also welcome. Scientists are currently researching an alternative to these fuels to be used in the automotive industry, with newer electronic cars and solar cars slowly being released in the market. As for refrigeration and air conditioners, they should be turned on for short periods only when required. Research is currently underway to find substitutes for these as well. Planting more trees and spreading the greenery around is also another option as plants absorb carbon dioxide. Therefore the more trees there are, the cooler Earth will become steadily.

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