Renewable energy myths

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Needless to say, renewable energy is the ultimate choice of future energy. But knowing everything, many of us still scared of renewable energy. This can be evidenced by the fact that most of us still depends on non-renewable energy. Above all, most of the vehicles we have, run on non-renewable energy. This happens because most of the people are not informed regarding renewable energy and thus plagued by myths about renewable energy.

Here are some of them and their clarification to bring you out of the myths.

Myth: Renewable energy is very costly

You will be amazed to know that renewable energy has already become cheaper than coal and other non-renewable energy like nuclear energy. In fact governments of many countries have realized this and there are a lot of job openings in the renewable energy sector. The renewable energy generation has become much cheaper, more advanced and it’s being highly encouraged to be used at individual level.

Myth: Renewable energy is not possible on larger scale

This renewable energy myth can be very dangerous. Because to make something possible, you must believe in it. Now the question is how to believe that solar energy or wind energy can be generated in huge amount that it can be a significant source. For some examples, currently Germany’s 25% electricity production is from renewable source and they have plans to produce 80% of their electricity from renewable sources by the year of 2050. China has already generated over 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity from solar and wind power combined. There are many examples which are good evidence that renewable energy can support us solely. Just there is a need of time and support from governments and society.

Myth: Renewable energy is not good for the environment in many respects

Again this renewable energy myth is misleading and idiotic. There is an argument that wind turbines can kill and affect the migratory birds. But before setting up wind farms, there should be some research where to put them so that the wind can be easily caught and the impacts on the birds and their path can kept unaltered. The noise of the wind turbines have also drawn attention. But again, the wind turbines should be installed far from localities or urban areas so that the noise can be minimized and the wind can be more for the turbine to move sufficiently.

Myth: They are not easily available at individual level

There are already many devices available powered by renewable energy. Like there are emergency lamps with solar panel fit at the top. The solar panels for the home are also available. There are several of electrical devices that comes with solar panels charging system. There are many shops coming up in various places that are beginning sell renewable energy products like solar panel and wind turbines at cheap rates for your personal use.

Though there are devices and systems available for renewable energy, from individual level to political level, there are myths going on that are obstructing the renewable energy to spread and people are not yet ready to avail them for personal or everyday use. The myths should be broken and we should realize that renewable energy will be the only healthy source of energy in the future. Before we become plagued with diseases that are already rampant due to the heavy use of coal and fuel energy, we must switch our electric production to renewable energy and urge the governments to do so. We must also take some steps to do it at personal level as well.

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