The Eco-Friendly Alternative To Balloons

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Whenever we plan out get together with family and friends, the decorations and themes are significant aspects to think up. Party preparations are incomplete with mouthwatering food, funky decorations, colourful lighting, and more.

Not only kids, but adults also love to see colourful balloon decorations to make the environment more fun and enjoyable. Today ballons of varied shapes are also popular. But do you know these graceful balloons are somewhat not pollution-free?

Fortunately, lowering the burden on the environment, different eco-friendly alternatives to ballons are available in the market. These great substitutes of ballons do not harm the ecosystem and wildlife. As a fact, balloons are one of the considerable pollutants of the environment, similar to plastic bottles, shopping bags, etc.

Why Say No To Balloons?

The Eco-Friendly Alternative To Balloons

Keeping balloons out from party decorations won’t end the moment of joy. Even the availability of bio-degradable is also not for sure the right choice. As such, types of ballons even take approximately four years for a complete breakdown that harms the environment and wildlife too.


Unlike other plastic waste, balloons also release litter into the environment, whether its landfills, dumping grounds, and even water. The complete decomposition takes many years, so deflating them is harmful to the entire ecosystem. The breakdown process is slow, which also generates toxic substances and gases, affecting the environment and wildlife.

Really Dangerous For Living Species:

We all know how marine plastic waste adversely affects the lifecycle of aquatic species and plants. The floating of plastic bottles, bags, and other debris when breaking down into microplastic impacts marine life with a toxic layer of substances.

Even the choaking of plastic materials in turtles, fishes, and water birds also lead to death. Dumping of party balloons in water harms in the same manner. If not can appear like jellyfish for turtles and can blockage the entire body with suffocation. The plastic ribbons with balloons can tangle birds or fishes, that can be sharp to trap, and can cause injuries.

Why Use Helium In Balloons?

Most of the part balloons are now filled with helium gas; that is not a significant option at all. As the supply of helium is expensive and limited due to its usability for healthcare. Thus, there is no need to sell helium for balloons.

Releasing Of Balloons In Air Is Harmful

The Eco-Friendly Alternative To Balloons

Instead of releasing balloons in air during ceremonies and parties, you can enjoy with many alternatives.

Wish Papers

You can use wish papers with a beautiful message to release in the air with alight. This is more significant as it will produce only a small amount of ash and let paper float in the sky.

Flowers Floating Is Eco-Friendly

This is one of the most considerable ideas as it is eco-friendly and even sense beautiful colours and fragrance. The use of natural flowers and petals as a floating trend into rivers and sea won’t affect them. Even the use of seed balls is also perfect to be a reminder for party events, as dedicated to family and friends.

Grow More Plants And Trees

The plantation of trees is quite an environment-friendly measure rather than creating pollution with plastic use and balloons. Growing more trees will let people and kids more awareness measure. As trees are the universal tool to balance the entire ecosystem of the planet. Thus, planting a tree will build a healthy habitat for all.

The Significant Sketching On Eco-Friendly Alternative To Balloons

The Eco-Friendly Alternative To Balloons

Fabric Or Paper Bunting And Banners

In the list of Eco-Friendly Alternative To Balloons, you can use paper or fabric bunting and banners. These are even reusable for other parties and get together events. For theme parties, you can let people, kids to write wishes and messages on such banners. For more creativity, different shapes and sizes can be made and decorate in parties.

Paper Chains

This is really a funky and creative idea, as you can make it with the DIY technique. The use of colourful papers and threads by kids can add more charm and colour to the party. The help of teachers, moms, or elder siblings together can make paper chains to add more versatility in party decorations.

Party Paper Streamers

Indeed, when organizing a party, paper streamers are environment-friendly alternatives to decor items. These are available in any kid’s store, a stationery shop in the market. But DIY steps can also allow adding more creativity in party preparations. This is a great fun activity to engage kids in crafts.

Paper Flowers

Another eco-friendly substitute for balloons is the use of paper flowers to make party decorations more unique and colourful. You can make curtains of paper flowers, even can use to decor table, walls, etc. with it.

Pompoms Made Up Of Fabric Or Paper

The use of paper or fabric pompoms is a unique idea to decor parties with colours. These party pompoms are easily available in the market yet even can make at home while making party theme preparations.

Party Fun With Pinwheels

For more funky party bauble, paper pinwheels are a more ethical option. You can buy them from kids’ shops, or party utility stores else can let children make them. These are colourful party decorations that are safe for the environment.

Blowing Bubbles

we all love to blow bubbles, and it is really a mindful fun and idea to engage kids in the party. The use of eco-friendly bubble solutions is a grander idea. An environment bubble-blowing solution is available in the market. However, with little effort, you can make your own eco-friendly bubble liquid with water and glycerin. Do prepare this mix before night from the event.

Colourful Kites

Kites are made of thin paper that is available in different colours. You can use them at birthday parties, or kids theme party to decor and play. This is a mindblowing idea even to make the event environment more joyful and enjoyable. However, the use of eco-friendly threads while flying kites also safe for kids from getting hurt.

Final Thoughts

So whenever you are planning to throw a party, you can pick any of these Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Balloons. This idea will not only add more creativity and uniqueness to the event but also a safe environment and wildlife. Do minimize the use of such non-degradable plastic and rubber items in your life.

As a fact, your little efforts will make the earth a better and healthy place to live for humans and other species. Your adoption of such eco-friendly party decoration alternatives will bring more chances for kids to develop new ideas and learnings.

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