Top environmental issues should make you worry

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Humanity has risen to a very high loaded with advancement of technology and civilization. Building cities are not enough. Building a smart city is a matter of praise. Cities are becoming smart with their citizens and their ultra modern lifestyle. But knowingly and unknowingly, all these come at a cost. It is the cost of environment. By compromising the environment and its health, ultra modern cities can arise. As already advancements are present with you, you should quite understand that there are damage already done to the environment. The damage is greatly done to air condition. Nearly 20% of the arable land in China has been contaminated by heavy metals. Thus, foods can’t be grown in these land areas. Amazon forest is one of the only place which balances the air in the whole world. But unfortunately, 17% of the Amazon forest has been cut. For manufacture of products, there is a growth of industries. Even if the industries treat the smokes then also the smokes do some harm to the environment. Air quality everywhere has decreased. Although some countries are trying to get back the clean air quality, most of the countries cannot. In the report of World Health Organization (WHO), 2016, they stated 92% of the population is living in polluted cities. The air quality is insulted by increasing cars, factories, suspended particulate matters, etc. Even increasing population adds to the pollution. Every person emits carbon dioxides but in little amount. But when the population is large, it becomes more and more. 

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) expressed concern about species extinction that the world is already experiencing the mass extinction slowly sixth time.WWF also stated about 200 to 2000 species go extinct every year. Due to changing status of air, not only humans but also wildlife has affected badly. Cutting down trees have caused many arboreal animals to go extinct. 

Plastic is everywhere. We can no longer ignore that

Again, due to industrialization, wastes are dumped into river water. Many major rivers in many countries are much polluted. Even increased use of plastic also hamper water bodies. After dumping of plastics, they get into water bodies and contaminate the water with the harmful chemicals that are present in the plastic. Plastic also does pollute the land and soil with its harmful chemicals. Water pollution has lead to the increase of acid rain, destroying animal life, trees and even corrosive to human skin. Water pollution also increased water borne illness and heavy metal consumption.

Deforestation and its effect on global warming

Deforestation has lead to global impact. The balance of air with oxygen and carbon dioxide has gone. The trees has a global impact on maintaining temperature, maintaining wind flow, providing homes to millions of living organisms. Due to extreme deforestation, all these balances are destroyed and there is considerable climatic change. The seasonal pattern has changed. Even the global average temperature has increased by little more than 1℃. This means there will be many considerable changes like melting of icebergs in polar regions. This will lead to rise of water level and there will significant extinction of many species. 

Now there is a very basic question that can come into your mind. How all these affect you? Yes, all these are going to affect you or already affected you a lot. For example, there is increasing respiratory problems. If you are little aware, you can find cancer incidents have increased a lot. Moreover, due to the fact that the global natural resources are much depleted than previous and water and air quality are also considerably decreased, there is increased incidents of health problems and the cost of manufacture products have increased a lot. At the end of the story, it becomes harder and harder for you to live on earth economically and physically. Health burden has increased and diseases due to pollution has increased causing the countries to spend more and more money on health infrastructure. 

Therefore, little more awareness is required at this level otherwise the doomsday is not so far from today. 

What is the biggest environmental problem you think your generation will face? ????

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