Vegetarian Substitutes: Veggie Alternative to Chorizo

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People who have tasted any kind of Spanish dishes know exactly what a Chorizo is. For those that don’t- chorizo refers to spicy pork sausages that are used in a variety of non-vegetarian Spanish dishes. Chorizos constitute a big part of Hispanic cuisine since it is an essential part of their diet and constitutes as an ingredient in many of their tasty lip-smacking dishes. 

However, with the passage of time and change in trends, health-conscious efforts are now being taken by people to adopt a more vegetable-friendly greeny diety, shifting the attention to veganism as a popular diet trend. However, as a vegan, one will not be able to .enjoy the tasty and spicy dishes that are made with chorizos. 

Vegetarian Substitutes: Veggie Alternative to Chorizo Spanish Sausage

So what do vegans do to enjoy these same dishes? Cooks around the world have found the perfect answer for this – replace chorizos with other vegetarian food ingredient finding veggie alternatives to chorizos. With these substitutes in hand, one can tasty vegan dishes that can mimic the taste and texture of chorizos, without actually using them in these dishes nor causing any harm to animals. One can think of it as a hack for vegans to taste chorizos. 

The dishes and recipes below are the perfect examples of vegan alternatives for chorizos. The best part of all these dishes is that they are pretty easy to make in one’s home. 

Vegetarian Substitutes: Veggie Alternative to Chorizo Spanish Sausage Vegan

Tofu Chorizo

In order to cook Tofu Choroizos at home, all one needs is to grab some extra firm pieces of tofu from the grocery shop and bring it home. The next step is to cut them into small pieces and then cook it with less oil until it dries up and becomes brown in colour and becomes crispier. Then add some garlic and chilli powders as seasonings, with some extra chillies and onions for some extra spice and flavour. Sprinkle some salt and add some soy chunks if required. With this, perfect vegetarian tofu chorizos ready to be eaten hot. A 50 gram serving of this dish contains 46 units of calories, with 5 grams of proteins and 3 grams of fat – a healthy snack. 

Textured Vegetable Protein

Textured vegetable protein or soy proteins are made from deep-fried and dehydrated soy flour. It has a texture that is said to be very similar to meat and chorizos. Cut these into smaller pieces and then stuff them into vegetable cases to make vegan sausages and bake. 

Homemade Seitan Chorizo

Seitan is a popular and healthy substitute for meat products. It is made from wheat gluten, a type of protein that is naturally found in wheat flour. In order to make this tasty dish, one is required to mix 35 grams of wheat gluten with half a cup of water. Along with onions, chilli powder, oregano, and garlic powder as seasonings and spice. This will soon take the shape of sausages that can then be placed in gently simmering water for an hour until it develops a rubbery surface like chorizo sausages. 

One can also opt to buy pre-made seitan chorizos that are available commercially. However, these are less healthier and contain lesser nutrients than homemade seitan chorizos. 

Commercial Vegetarian Soy Chorizo

Vegetarian Chorizos that are sold commercially are made out of soy. Therefore, these are often called “Soyrizos”. These chorizos made out of soy are made out of a combination of soy protein, cooking oil, and vinegar. When it is being cooked, it is usually done with other ingredients like cumin powder, garlic paste, onions, oregano powder, paprika, and red pepper. 

Commercial Vegetarian Chorizo Sausage

Commercially available vegetarian chorizos made out of wheat protein is shaped into sausages and sold in the market at affordable rates. The thickness of this sausage comes from the mixture of wheat protein and locust bean gum seasoned with onions and bell peppers. These sausages are also easily available in the markets in the form of slices, which can be added to soups and any other chorizo dishes. 

Homemade Vegetarian Quinoa Chorizo

In case someone is not a very big fan of textured vegetable protein or soy chorizo, then fear not. Vegan chorizos can be made at home by using Quinoa. All one needs to do is to buy red or tan coloured quinoas from the market. While cooking the quinoa, a puree needs to be made out of an assortment of ingredients. While these can be changed according to one’s liking, one of the most popular recipes for making this puree is actually quite simple. Just use onions, garlic cloves, and tomatoes together with spices like chipotle peppers with a dash of vinegar for seasoning. Then comes the main part – stir the puree mixture into the quinoa using annatto oil. Then put the entire mixture of the puree and the quinoa into deep refrigeration for 12 hours. While the time taken to make this is quite long, but the end result is worth every taste bud one has. After taken out of the refrigerator, it can be sauteed with olive oil, followed by cooking any recipe of chorizo one knows with it.

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