Vegetarian Substitutes: Veggie Alternatives To Chicken

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Many health benefits are linked with a vegetarian diet. These include low blood pressure, cholesterol under control, and lower BMI. Vegetarian diets are environment-friendly. Most eco-friendly food can be picked from the ground. Our mother earth provides us with a lot of options to fulfil our requirements without hurting others. So why not switch to veggie alternatives to chicken.  

You can switch to a vegetarian diet while keeping your weight as well as nutrition under check.  Veggies can be your best friends if taken in the proper amount and at an appropriate time. So, buy local organic produce and eat vegetables and fruits.

The most important thing you need to take care of is protein intake. As non-veg diet is rich in proteins even if taken in small amounts. Protein acts as the building blocks for our bodies. On average, a person needs 5 and1/2oz of protein (according to the US department of health and human services). If enough protein is not taken, it may lead to fatigue, muscle loss, etc. 

But no need to worry as there are veggie alternatives to chicken. Also, these alternatives are delicious and can provide a high amount of protein. 

Veggie Alternatives To Chicken

Vegetarian Substitutes: Veggie Alternatives To Chicken

Green peas – A whopping amount of protein, i.e. (7.9g), can be obtained in just one cup of green peas. Being extremely versatile, it is also low in fats and does not add much to calories. Peas help in nitrogen fixation into the soil, making them eco-friendly as well.  

Lentils – These legumes are easy to prepare and economical, providing 18g of protein in just one cup. They are also a good source of minerals, which are essential for our body like iron, potassium. According to statistics, only 0.9kg of CO2 is emitted in producing lentils, which is nearly seven times less than that produced by chicken products.

Tofu – It is a massive source of protein. About one cup can provide 20g of protein. It is a must to be included in your list. You can prepare a lot of savoury dishes with tofu, like puddings.

Nuts – Various nuts and nut butter are easy to use and prepare. They provide a lot of nutrients like vitamins, proteins, and minerals to your body. Also, being easy to carry, you will not miss your meal even if working out of the office or market place.

Seaton – It is almost like chicken. It is also known as “wheat meat.” This food is a significant alternative to chicken. A variety of meals can be cooked using it as an ingredient.

After checking out these veggie alternatives to chicken, think for a minute; every small step can make a massive change to our environment. There are many diseases associated with chicken, which can be very harmful to your bodies. By cutting back on chicken products, you are saving the environment as well as yourself.

Veggie Diets Are More Sustainable

Vegetarian Substitutes: Veggie Alternatives To Chicken

Have a look at the below statistics:

“A study found that vegetarian and vegan diets:

  • Produce 49.6% fewer greenhouse emissions
  • Needed 26.9% less energy for food production
  • Had a 41.5% smaller environmental footprint compared to diets that included meat


Going vegetarian can help in achieving positive health outcomes with no waste. This is the time to think of trash as well as taste. Veggies help in preserving precious land resources. Raising chickens for food is one of the significant contributors to pollution and also requires massive quantities of water, land, and energy. The pesticides, bacteria, and antibiotics found in animal flesh can have adverse effects on our ecosystems. About 20% of methane gas is emitted by animals that are raised for food. These can lead to climate change. It also makes people sick who live in and around such farms. 

“According to the report of the academy of nutrition, dietetics proved that people who eat veg are at lower risk of various chronic diseases”.


Plant-based foods are inexpensive. They offer better health benefits than chicken. The veggie diet emphasizes vegetables, beans, grains, legumes, fruits, and nuts, etc. If you can’t avoid chicken altogether, then try with a few vegetarian meals in a week and see the difference.

Harmful Effects Of Chicken

Vegetarian Substitutes: Veggie Alternatives To Chicken

Eating chicken creates obstacles in the digestive system, blockage in circulation, and respiration. Vegetarians generally weigh less and are at a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases as compared to non-vegetarians. Processed chicken also increases the chances of diabetes and stroke. What you are eating indirectly can also harm you. Bird flu is such an example. 

If the peace of creatures is destroyed, then nature will also deprive you of peace. Cereals, milk, butter, ghee have proteins in plenty, so why kill animals?

As said by a great scientist

Vegetarian food leaves a deep impression in the process of purifying our mind. If the whole world adopts vegetarianism, it can change the destiny of humankind.


So finally, now there are enough reasons to choose veggie alternatives to chicken. Eating chicken poses a more significant threat of food poisoning. It doesn’t matter how nicely an animal is treated in growth, killing them for food will always be morally wrong. Instead of polluting your environment and contributing to the destruction of your body, go vegan, and stay healthy. Respect all living beings. Protect mother earth, protect yourself!

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