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Today scientists are concerned about the environment the most. You can hear different alarming stories in television, radios, internet or magazines. As you know, the harmful effects of environment is created by the whole population. So, even if one person wants to do something good, he or she can merely bring any change. And from individual point of view, it is very difficult to do a good for the environment. Here’s a list of how you as an individual can do some good for the environment. Everyday you unknowingly harm the environment while you are in your beauty routine. You can follow some tips to be eco-friendly person while you are carrying out your beauty routine.

Plastic Free Living

There are several ways to go plastic free. Firstly if you buy any cosmetic product that comes in plastic packaging, you are making waste. This plastic that you dispose will never get degraded and will contribute in making a huge pile of plastics. And these plastics will then get into water (rivers and oceans) and subsequent harm the aquatic wildlife (check article about top environmental issues).

So, the solution is that you should buy these cosmetic product which are environmentally friendly and zero waste. Like these product which comes in wooden box, especially made from bamboo. You can buy these toothbrushes, face brushes makeup for facial cleasing that have have the handle made from bamboo.

Save Water

You have many ways to save water without compromising your water use. Do you know why? Because everyday unknowingly, you are wasting water. For instances, when you brush your teeth, you keep the water tap open. May be you brush your teeth for five minutes and you keep the water tap open for five minutes for nothing. The water simply go waste. Many times, you keep the tap open while bathing. In all these times, you can easily save water by not keeping the tap open.

Reusable Cotton Pads

Reusable cotton rounds are an easy way to swap out your cotton pads and become more environmentally conscious. They not only saves the environment but also saves your money and skin. Usually they are made of blended organic cotton and bamboo. They can be reused just by washing. You can remove your makeup or wash your face daily without using water much. Reusable cotton pads are also plastic free and free from any harmful chemicals, so, they are not allergenic to your skin. These are the most perfect ingredient for you daily beauty routine. You can buy them in our EcoPanda shop.

Use safe products

Try to shift to natural products which are safe for your skin. Today there are increasing number of chemical laden cosmetics which are not only non biodegradable but also much harmful for your skin. You should choose plastic free and biodegradable products. Always read the ingredients and certification before buying.

Easy Homemade Face Mask Recipe

You can prepare this by blending 1/4 cup of honey, 1/2 cup of yogurt and 1/2 cup of cucumber and apply them to your face. Keep them for 15 minutes and then remove them by using environmentally friendly reusable makeup pads.

Zero Waste Shop by EcoPanda

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