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Packing and wrapping food items to keep them fresh is an everyday task in homes, restaurants, hotels, etc. And generally, the use of cling film is quite common, but have you ever thought about what percentage of pollution it causes. 

Indeed many researches came forward with evidence that the use of cling film is toxic and leads to health hazards. But apart from that deadly effects on health, it is somewhat calculated over the world pollution.

Cling wrapping idea was firstly introduced in the 1950s and still in use. Thus, it is used to cover the leftover of the food, to keep them fresh. Earlier same cling was used multiple times, but now the invention of single-use cling film is increasing more unhealthy surroundings.

What Exactly Is Cling Film?

Usually, cling film is polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC, which is a non-degradable and indestructible mess on the planet. However, adversely affecting the environment from land to oceans and making ecosystem intoxicated. On a rough estimate, almost 32% of single-use plastic exposed to oceans annually, directly or indirectly else accidentally too.

The more critical it is to recycle cling film, thus leading to pollution in landfills for open degrade. Precisely cling film also takes hundreds of years for a complete breakdown, which release chemicals and other toxic substances. 

Dumping, trashing, or burning are not at all progressive solutions, but more significant is not to use cling film in the kitchen. However, biodegradable cling film is also introduced in the market, which has somehow lowered the risk of pollution and intoxication. The best to adopt reliable and pollution-free alternative to wrap food that also retains the freshness.

The Sustainable Overview On Zero Waste Kitchen Alternatives To Cling Film

Adoption of best plastic-free alternatives instead of plastic single-use utensils, packing, and wrapping methods are good for health too. In fact, the use of reusable containers and zero waste eco lids are getting quite popular worldwide.

What next to wait for, let’s know the healthy and best zero waste kitchen alternatives instead of cling film.

Stasher Storage Pouch

Stasher Re-Usable Food-Grade Platinum Silicone Sandwich Bag

Regularly packing of lunch for kids and office goers is an everyday task. This daily kitchen challenge needs proper storage packing to maintain the freshness of food and no leakage as well. The use of silicon stacher pouch for edible items like sandwiches, rolls, etc. is quite a good option.

These silicone storage bags are non-toxic, which retains the freshness of food, with air-tight and leakproof quality. Keeping of fruits slices and vegetables fresh, you can use such storage pouches in refrigerators. 

However, these pouches are either biodegradable or reusable, with zip lock. Though it is a plastic, yet can be even used in the microwave, or a boiling water pan to heat or steam the food items.

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Reusable Food Fresh Silicone Stretch Lids 

Reusable Food Fresh Silicone Stretch Lids Seal Vacuum Cover Silicone Wraps Seal Cover

The use of silicon to store and keep food tidy and fresh is quite widespread worldwide. Instead of plastic cling film, you can use reusable silicone cling wraps to lid food items. These are generally available in a rectangular shape to cover fruits, vegetables in bowels as work similar to flexible lids.

You can easily stretch out the silicon cling wrap over the containers to cover them till edges, making food air-tight. The versatility of such silicon cling wraps these are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and even freezer safe.

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Modfamily Silicone Stretch Lids

Silicone Stretch Lids, Reusable, Durable and Expandable to Fit Various Sizes and Shapes of Containers. Superior for Keeping Food Fresh, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe

Well, these are Modfamily BPA-free silicone stretch lids generally considered as one of the best alternatives to cling wrap. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, and all BPA-free lids are available in different shapes, sizes keeping food items healthy and fresh for long.

You can easily cover the leftover food, with such silicone stretch lids making them air-free and germ-free. These silicone lids are easy to wash and clean, even give zero harm to food with colors and keeping them odor-free. The notable aspect is, before use, clean and dry them entirely; otherwise, you won’t be able to place them on containers.

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Bee Green Fresh Wraps

Bee Green Wraps

Indeed the use of Bee Green Wraps instead of plastic cling film is more sustainable and healthy. These green wraps are 100% eco-friendly and natural that enables zero harm to the environment prior to pollution. 

Bee Green Wraps are made up of bee wax organic jojoba oil, tree resin, and cotton, which is biodegradable and compostable. Moreover, such green fresh wraps are waterproof, leakproof, and even strong to carry. You can also customize them with the utility, within the size or shape you want to keep food.

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Carrinet Veggio Reusable Bags

Carrinet Veggio Reusable Food Storage Bags | 100 Percent Recycled Plastic Bottle Draw String Food Bags for Fruit and Veg Shopping

The most difficult is to keep fruits and vegetables healthy, fresh, and tidy during storage. Keeping them in air-tight containers to refrigerate is still not a perfect solution. The use of these reusable bags is, however, a more appropriate way rather than cling film wraps for keeping veggies and fruits.

Carrient storage bags are made up of washable mesh, instead of plastic wrappings, as let raw food item breath. It even enables in retaining the crunch and freshness of edibles with no risk of foul smell in food.

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Covermate Elasticated Food Covers

Covermate Elasticated Food Covers

You can use elasticated food cover, as these are reusable options too. Somehow the shape of the lids resembles the shower caps that easily stretch over the containers with varied sizes and shapes. Generally, they are available in three sizes-small, medium, and large. Moreover, these elasticated food covers are microwave and dishwasher safe, bringing more convenient utility.

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If You Care Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags

If You Care Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags

These are not entirely zero waste alternatives, but still reliable bags instead of plastic cling wrap and pouches. Paper snack bags are easily available in supermarkets and made up of Scandinavian spruce trees. 

Precisely snack and sandwich bags are also free from chlorine, petroleum, and other bleaching agents. However, these bags have a smooth, waxy finish that keeps food fresh and healthy for many hours. Such bags are even biodegradable and microwave safe.

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Sandwich Zip Pouch And Bags

Planet Wise Reusable Zipper Sandwich and Snack Bags, Sandwich

Ziplock pouches and bags are nowadays quite common in edibles items for keeping food fresh, crunchy, and healthy. Apart from general transparent zip lock bags, now colourful and printed cute lock bags are also available in the market. These are, however, excellent substitute food-grade plastic bags, with waterproof and leakage safe lining.

As are super cute and colourful, so are the more smart choice for kids tiffin for kindergartens and schools. You can also carry them in office, picnic spots. Moreover, you can also use them for storage of other things likes colours, pencils, makeup accessories, etc. Even are easy to wash and reuse multiple times.

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Other Reliable Alternatives To Cling Film

  • You can use clean and tidy, cotton food covers to keep food fresh, well-hydrated, and soft.
  • Glass jars are even a significant option to keep food safe and air-tight.
  • The use of food-grade plastic containers and boxes, generally known as Tupperware, is also good.
  • Tea towel and fabric cloth are somehow eco-friendly alternatives to keep food safe from pollutants.
  • Stainless steel jars and containers are also considerable substitutes to keep food healthy and hygienic.

Final Verdict

Storing food within non-degrade low quality plastic containers, jars, and utensils are leading to a health hazard. Many health studies prove that food kept in unsafe plastic can cause cancer and certain tumours in the human body.

The invention of food-grade plastic, and reusable bags, zip locks, has lowered the risk of health and keep food fresh. Avoid the use of cling plastic wraps to keep edible items, as it can toxicate the food and even cause pollution.

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